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Blue Blocking Lenses

Shield your eyes from harmful blue light
What is blue light?
Blue light is a short wavelength, high energy light in the visible lights spectrum. We are constantly exposed to blue light indoors (TVs, smartphones, laptop and gaming devices) and outdoors (the sun). Prolonged exposure may cause digital eye strain and headache. Say goodbye to digital eye strain with our Blue Blocking lenses!
How Does Blue Light Affect Us
Dry eyes
Eye Fatigue
Stiff neck
What Blue Light really Is
Electromagnetic Wave & Visible Light Spectrum around us
High-energy visible light (HEV light) is high frequency light from 390 - 440 nm. Extended exposure to HEV light may lead to digital eye strain, dry eye, headache and stiff neck.
390 ~ 440 nm
See Better and Feel Better with Blue Blocking Lenses